Top 10 Chrome Flags to enable in 2021

Top 10 Chrome Flags to enable in 2021

Google Chrome is the most used browser. It's Excellent choice, whether you are using an Android phone, Mac or Windows PC. The Chrome stable is terrific on its own, but it's not for power users. There are many tweaks that you can make to meet your specific needs.

You may be a tester if you don't mind bugs and like to test new features. Already a member of the Chrome OS Beta channel or Chrome OS Dev channel. You can have Chrome in a variety of different ways with these different versions. Chrome Flags are a great way to try out a few features.

This begs the question: What exactly is a Chrome Flag? What is a Chrome Flag? Do you know which flags are worth enabling and why? You can find out more about You're here to learn all you can say about Chrome Flags. Let's take a look at some of the options. Take a look at these flags, their capabilities, and how you can enable them. We will also suggest some of our favorite flags enable (on both). Chrome OS and Chrome browser), so you can try new features. Right away

What is a chrome flag?

Chrome Flags are essentially experimental features that Google has created. Currently, testing is being done on Chrome OS or Chrome browser. It's now in beta. It is important to remember that some Flags are only available for Chrome OS. Chrome browsers for Android, iOS and macOS are supported. Flags will eventually be taken down when they are part of a stable Chrome releases or gets absorbed into Chrome development tools.

After you enable Flags, your browser must be restarted. If you are using Chrome OS, your computer will need to restart for the change to occur.

They are unstable and could cause unintended behavior in your browsing device. It is also important to know that all browser-based Flags are not tested for online security protocols. This means that you should have some Security risk when you doing financial transactions online using chrome flag which are not tested.

You can run different versions of Chrome browsers or Chrome OS . There are many Flags to choose from. You can find the Chrome Beta, Dev, or Different Flags will be featured on Canary channels. If you are interested in a specific Flag, please let us know. If you are looking for the most Flags available, this is your best option.

So it would be best if you took some risks when you live on the cutting edge of Chrome. These small risks are not enough to worry about. Let's talk flags!

How can I enable Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags can be a good but sometimes dangerous option. It is easy to find and enable Flags. Flags can be enabled by following this simple procedure. It is entirely independent of your operating system. Locate available Flags:

Open your Chrome browser and type: chrome://flags/

Click enter to go to the Flags main page. From This page allows you to scroll through the seemingly endless list of Flags There are many options. You can quickly browse the options and decide to enable or disable them.

Flags can be disabled using the drop-down menus. However, this is quite simple. It is overwhelming.

You can search the site to find specific types of Flags. On a Mac, you can use Control+F and Command+F to navigate the page. You can use Control+F or Command+F on a Mac if you are not sure. It is much easier to enable a particular Flag. The following tools are available to assist you in allowing a specific Flag.

Attach a precise tag to the Flag in hand.

Type: chrome://flags/#tag

This will take to you directly to the Flag. This will take you to the Flag. Syntax: #tag should be replaced by the appropriate tag. Each Chrome Flag comes with a tag.

Identifying enabled Flags and Resetting Flags

Chrome Flags have a number of annoying aspects. Determine which Flags are allowed. The majority of Flags should be visible. The Flags that you have personally enabled are listed at the top of this Flags page.

Top 10 Chrome Flags you should enable right now

You now know what a Chrome Flag looks like, but you may want to give it a try. It's nice, to begin with, Flags that are useful and informative and have few shallow risk. Flags that are related to some consistency bugs in dark mode can cause crashes, but they aren't fatal to Browser or OS

Please take note of the Chrome versions that each Flag applies to. There are some These Flags are for Chrome OS only, but others can be used to Chrome OS as well. Browser across all platforms

All things in dark mode

chrome://flags/#enable–force-dark (Mac, Linux Windows, Chrome Android, OS)

chrome://flags/#webuidark-mode Only (Chrome OS only)

chrome://flags/#darklight-mode (ChromeOS only)

The dark mode is for you if you are like me. It's blindingly distracting at work for me. It is not possible to disable it. These Flags all have a commonality; however, they are not related. Different things may apply. For the first Flag, dark mode will be in effect.

All web content is found in Chrome browser on any operating system. All web content in your Chrome browser across any operating system.

The second Flag allows WebUI to use dark mode when you have Chromebook.

The third Flag addresses dark mode in the Chrome OS interface. This Flag will turn on a dark mode toggle in the fast Settings tray This Flag can be used to force Chrome into light mode. OS, if that's your thing. You can get genuinely dark if you wish. All three Flags can be enabled on Chromebook.

You should be aware that the dark/light toggle switch can sometimes be disabled. Inconsistent. To see the difference, you may have to switch it on and off again. Correct theme applied to your Chrome OS device, default apps and Chrome OS.

Enable autofill prediction

chrome://flags/#show_autofill-type–predictions Windows, Chrome OS and Android

This Flag simplifies your life by loading auto-filled text in fields

Before you start typing anything. Your name, address and zip code will be displayed. Now, you will be able to access your information.

All forms can be loaded automatically online when you submit your shipping or billing information. Pretty You can save time and have a minimal risk by using Flags.

Tab Hover Cards Images

chrome://#tabhover-card–images (Android):

The hovering card previews are my favorite feature in Safari. Get for pages in each tab. This Flag will allow you to bring this feature. You can access your Chrome browser from any platform. You can hover over a tab in Chrome. You'll see a preview of the web content within that tab, just as on macOS.

Enable Trash Folder

chrome://flags/#files–trash (Chrome OS only):

People coming from a Macintosh or Windows PC will notice the absence of a Chrome OS trash folder If you have recently switched to Chrome OS and need your You can activate this Flag by trashing it back. You will be able to toggle on after that. You can see the Trash folder under Files on Chrome OS. This is quite handy. If you have a bad habit or are prone to accidentally deleting things, Flag it.

System Emoji Picker

chrome://#enable cros-ime system-emoji-picker:

Chrome OS has suffered for years from fragmented integration among the different components. Touch UI and keyboard UX. Inserting is one of the most annoying problems. Emojis require you to use the virtual keyboard. This Flag will allow you to: You can now right-click or long-press to open an emoji picker Chrome OS 91. Chrome OS 91 offers a search function and all the emojis. You would expect it on an Android or iOS smartphone.

Password import

chrome://#PasswordImport Chrome OS only:

A valuable flag for anyone moving from a Mac to Chrome OS. Or Even those who use multiple browsers and operating systems, like me, can still benefit from them all. All the time. This Flag allows you to import passwords from Safari.

Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge to Chrome. You can't remember if you don't know what to do. Your 20-character password, with five special symbols. This is the Flag to Enable

Copy the link to the text

chrome://#copy–link-to–text (Mac, Linux Windows, Chrome OS Android):

Sometimes, you might want to share a passage from an article online. Of course, you can share the regular link with the person you know. Shared with the need to scroll through to locate the desired text. Copy Link to text Flag lets you share a link that will automatically be Highlight the text in an online document or webpage. This is an obvious advantage for students, teachers, and anyone else who uses it. As part of their job, they spend a lot of time doing online research.

MultiPaste virtual keyboard clipboard

chrome://#enable cros-virtual keyboard-multipaste

People who work all day with images and links know how valuable they are. A good clipboard is possible. This Flag allows you to enable Google's MultiPaste Chrome OS keyboard is currently being tested. This Flag will be enabled once it is. Clipboard functionality will be added to the virtual Chrome OS keyboard. Starting There you will find all images, links and text that you have recently saved.


Bloggers will love this feature. This feature makes it easy for us to share our Chromebooks make it a lot easier to do your job.

These are our top Chrome Flags to help you get started with your modding Journey. You can always find new Flags to explore. You'll also have more options for experimental channels. Remember to Before enabling a Flag, it is essential to be familiar with its functions. There are Some Flags can seriously impact the performance of a Chromebook Particularly battery life.

You can make things worse by allowing something you don't know to happen. You can roll back to the original settings for each Flag. Chrome Flags Chrome OS and Chrome can have a lot more fun with this feature. Browsers can be used across different devices. You can also modify your browser in many other ways.

Your Chrome experience including Android apps and Linux apps. Let's get started. Let us know what Chrome Flags you are using any mods that you do not like in the comments.

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