Best Android VPN browsers for privacy

Best Android VPN browsers for privacy

Use these Android web browsers that come with a free built-in VPN to enhance your privacy and security.

A virtual private network (VPN for short) encrypts your internet activity and hides your location. Since most people use their portable devices (such as smartphones) to go online, they must have a VPN.

This is a list of browsers with built-in VPN on Android, so you don’t need to download additional apps.

Why does your Android smartphone need a VPN?

There are many reasons why you need a VPN. But primarily revolves around privacy and security. This ensures that the data you are transferring is protected. This layer of protection is essential, especially when using public Wi-Fi.

Another thing that makes a VPN service a must-have is that it protects your online activities from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and anyone trying to track your activities through the connected network.

VPN also hides your physical location by providing you with a different virtual IP address, thus hiding your identity. Finally, a VPN allows you to access content or websites that you cannot access at your location. The latter is essential when you still want to access the video streaming service when traveling to an unsupported country.

No need to download additional apps to route your traffic through the secure tunnel, a browser with a built-in VPN can save you some space. There are different VPN services available. Most are free, and some offer subscription options. The free VPN service is good, but it can’t compare with the paid solution.

1. Epic Privacy Browser

The Epic browser also provides a built-in VPN, but you must download it as an extension. VPN has unlimited bandwidth, you can choose one of the available proxy servers located in different countries/regions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, and India.

Epic's proxy includes a no-logging strategy, which has always been a key feature of VPN. You can download the extension from the Epic Extensions store by clicking on the mobile extension on the browser homepage.

Although there are a few, they all achieve the same goal of protecting your IP address to protect your privacy. Epic does not limit to, although you will miss the robustness of the VPN service.

2. Tenta Private VPN browser

Tenta is a mobile browser that focuses on security and privacy, has a built-in VPN, which you can use for free but there are certain restrictions. Tenta offers a paid version of its VPN service, which can unlock all your VPN locations, and you can use it on the entire device, not just in the browser without additional downloads.

There are various VPN servers available in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, India, Brazil, and other places. The free version will lock it on one of the servers, but the good news is that has no bandwidth limitations.

To activate VPN, touch the Tenta browser icon at the bottom and press VPN to browse. In addition to the VPN service, Tenta also provides other features to consolidate its privacy methods, including the ability to lock the browser with a PIN code, avoid browser screenshots, do not track support, and DNS customization options. You can also get a feature that allows you to delete browsing data when you log out.

3. AVG browser

AVG is a free browser with an integrated VPN service. It comes from AVG, a company that makes security software. The VPN service has more than 30, server locations, compatibility with the range of devices, and has different privacy browsing modes. But it is not free. You must pay to use some of the features.

The AVG browser is easy to use. After installing the app, click on VPN to browse and everything will be fine.

Aloha also provides phone-wide VPN support and auto-activation in its payment plan.

4. Tor Browser

Tor is not necessarily a VPN service, but it does provide anonymity. This is. It uses a slightly different method to protect your identity by routing your traffic through the open-source Tor network using multilayer encryption.

The main feature that makes Tor attractive to privacy freaks is that it blocks trackers, protects your identity online, and can also access sites that are censored at your location or blocked by your internet service provider ( ISP).

Tor is free to use on Android, and there are no restrictions on bandwidth or anything.

5. Opera browser

Opera has a free built-in VPN service and you don't even need to create an account to get started. Just open the app, click on the Opera logo and select settings, then turn on VPN. The service has no bandwidth limit or intrusive advertisements. You can choose to use VPN in private mode and normal mode, or use it in private mode only.

The fact that it is baked in the browser makes it easy to use as well. Provides some options, allowing you to configure virtual locations in Asia, Europe, or America.

6. Cake web browser

The cake uses privacy and security methods similar to most browsers on this list. It includes password protection, non-tracking function, private label time bomb, and most importantly, free unlimited VPN service.

Although Cake doesn't limit bandwidth, unless you pay, you won't be able to use all of its VPN features. The paid version provides the ability to select the server and device range of your choice.

7. Aloha Browser

Aloha is another Android browser with a built-in VPN service. Your VPN's main features include unlimited traffic, hidden IP addresses to avoid tracking, DNS leak prevention, and logs of your activities that will not be saved.

Aloha provides more than 10 VPN servers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Americas. However, in the free version, you cannot select a specific server location; this is a similar method to the Tenta browser.

For many reasons, VPN services are necessary. Maybe you want to bypass geo-restrictions or surf the Internet safely, or anything else you find in the VPN app. If you want a simple solution to surf the Internet anonymously, and you don't need any serious matching a powerful independent VPN service, then a browser with a built-in VPN service will be useful.

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